TinEye Is An Impressive New Image Tracker

Posted Aug 19, 2008

TinEye is a new search engine that helps photographers track who is using their images.  The search engine was developed by Canadian company, Idée Inc.  Users upload an image to TinEye and then TinEye does a pixel-by-pixel search across the Internet to find instances of the image uploaded.

“TinEye does for images what Google does for text,” stated Leila Boujnane, CEO of TinEye. “We are not limited by words, Google can only find an image if a particular search word is in proximity to it. We have the ability on a large scale to tell somebody where one of their images has appeared and how it’s being used.”

I’m very impressed by this TinEye. This is a great way for photographers to track how their images are being used. It doesn’t matter if the image was digitally altered or cropped. TinEye is also launching an alert service to notify image owners when their photograph appears on the web.

TinEye doesn’t have to be used just for preventing copyright infringement. Below is an example of how TinEye was used for other purposes.

“It’s being used by researchers who need to find where an image came from to provide attribution, even people who are trying to find out who people are in old photos,” stated Boujnane. “We had somebody who had a photograph of a soldier who’d arrived on the beach at Normandy and they couldn’t find their name. They did a whole bunch of searches on TinEye and found a tiny little photo on an American website that listed everybody who’d gone to Normandy with a photograph. That’s exactly when TinEye is useful, when you have an image but no words.”

Idée’s TinEye licenses are already being used by Adobe, Associated Press, and Digg.

Below is a video demo:

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