TiVo Mega can record 3 years of TV

Posted Sep 9, 2014

The TiVo Mega can record 3 years of TV, but it costs $5,000. The TiVo Mega contains 24TB of storage in a RAID 5 arrangement with hot-swappable drives, according to The Verge.

This means that you can store 26,000 hours of SD footage ? which is around three years of TV. The TiVo Mega has six tuners for recording.

“Size matters. People hate being forced to delete cool stuff from their DVR before they want to or finding a TV show they had recorded is now gone. Now, with TiVo Mega they can always know their show or movie is still there to watch later,” stated Ira Bahr, CMO at TiVo. “TiVo Mega offers more than twelve times the storage of any cable or satellite DVR. TiVo Mega is the solution for the power user who wants to record everything. We salute you and enjoy!”