TiVo Mini Makes It Easy To Watch Recorded Or Live TV In Multiple Rooms

Posted Mar 11, 2013

TiVo has announced a new product called the TiVo Mini at a price of $99.99.  The TiVo Mini lets you watch TiVo content in other rooms of your house rather than having to watch TV from your main TiVo unit in the living room.  The TiVo Mini lets you set up recordings and season passes along with providing access to streaming services like Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Spotify.

The TiVo Mini will not work with the TiVo Premiere, Premiere XL, or earlier TiVo units.  The TiVo Mini also requires a wired Ethernet connection and it will cost $5.99 per month (or a lifetime fee of $149.99 per unit).  These prices are on top of the existing TiVo subscription.