TiVo To Receive $250.4 Million From Verizon To Settle Patent Lawsuit

Posted Sep 25, 2012

TiVo has announced that Verizon Wireless will pay a total of $250.4 million in compensation through July 2018 in order to settle a patent dispute between the two companies.  The companies will be working together to combine a distribution of streaming video services through Redbox and TiVo DVRs.  Verizon has stake in Redbox.  The deal is a cross-licensing arrangement that involves all of the patents in the dispute that was pending between the two.    TiVo has been successful against other companies like DISH Network and EchoStar.  Verizon will not face any injunctions against the use of technologies that are involved and they could potentially create product integration with TiVo later on.  [TechCrunch]