Tobii To Integrate Gaze Eye-Tracking Technology To Windows 8 PCs

Posted Jan 2, 2013

Tobii will be integrating their eye-tracking technology into Windows 8 machines.  The last time we wrote about Tobii’s eye-tracking technology was when Apple partnered with them in 2009.   The Gaze user interface lets you navigate, zoom, select, and scroll on a Windows 8 laptop using pupils and a touchpad.  This year Tobii is introducing new technology called REX, which is a USB-connected peripheral that can add the aforementioned features into a Windows 8 PC.

The REX is slightly bigger than a pen and it can stick to the base of any PC monitor.  The REX can also be integrated with other controls like a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.  The REX is not intended to be used as an assistive technology so you will need to keep using the mouse and trackpad.  Tobii will be offering around 5,000 units to consumers before the end of 2013.  A special edition will be offered to developers starting today for $995.

[Source: Engadget]