ToonsTunes Is A Place For Avatars To Make Music

Posted Sep 17, 2009

ToonsTunes is a new start-up social network tailored for kids and tweens. The setting for the ToonsTunes virtual world is a space station where avatars live in personal pods. The space station also has a virtual studio where the avatars can make music at the Mix-O-Matic. The Mix-O-Matic hasa a series of loops including the hip hop drums, funk keyboards, cow bell, etc.

After creating a loop, the user can add their own vocals and the website mixes it all together. After completing the track, it can be share with other people on ToonsTunes. The songs can also be performed at the concert hall in the virtual world. There are several other rooms in the virtual space station that has music games as well.

ToonsTunes is led by President Paul Bohan. The company plans to make money by charging for sponsorship venues, virtual goods, and to access the virtual world. Currently ToonsTunes is internally funded with 5 employees. ToonsTunes launched out of stealth mode at the TechCrunch50 conference.