Top 10 Reasons Why Over 1.7 Million Users Don’t Like The New Facebook

Posted Mar 24, 2009

Scott Sanders of Chattanooga, TN created a group shortly after the new Facebook design launched called Petition Against The “New Facebook.” About 1% of Facebook’s total user base joined the group to indicate that they do not like the new design of Facebook. This is the second major overhaul in design that Facebook has made. These users want a way to switch back to the old Facebook design, but that option is not available.

It is believed that Facebook made the new design change in an effort to replicate the success of Twitter.  Recently Facebook made an offer to acquire Twitter for about $500 million in cash and stock options.

In the group that Sanders put together, he collected reasons why users do not like the new Facebook.  Here are the 10 reasons:

10. Left side shortcuts to apps and groups are gone tied with the layout is too wide.
9. There is too much blank space on the main profile page and it’s boring.
8. The new layout is starting to look more and more like MySpace.
7. Personality is gone from everyone’s main page.
6. You can no longer minimize or move applications around the way you want to.
5. The new layout is not centered and looks messy.
4. The wall and mini-feed are now one thing.
3. The new layout looks confusing and is no longer user friendly.
2. Many applications are no longer compatable with the new layout.
1. Applications and general info are on different pages.