Top Hat Monocle Rebrands To “Top Hat,” Launches Freemium Accounts

Posted May 10, 2013

Based in Toronto, Ontario Top Hat Monocle has been rebranded as just Top Hat.  Top Hat can transform a students’ mobile device into classroom engagement tools.  The company has also launched a freemium model for classes that have under 30 students.

Top Hat has been free for educators, but students will now have to pay $20 per semester for their subscription.  Top Hat launched this model for several different reasons.  For example, some teachers adopted Top Hat in the middle of a semester, but did not want to have to ask students to pay at that point.  Some teachers want to try the service, but they do not want students to have to sign up and pay right away especially if the teacher is unsure about using it.

?Our goal is to put Top Hat in the hands of every student and teacher? stated Top Hat COO Andrew D?Souza. ?With this new pricing model, we?re eliminating the barrier for instructors to give the platform a try in their class. We expect this to significantly accelerate the word-of-mouth-driven adoption we?re already seeing.?

D’Souza told TechCrunch that Top Hat Monocle was a bit of a long name to begin with.  He also said that some people had a hard time spelling “monocle.”  Many people were already referring to the company as Top Hat also, according to TechCrunch.  Top Hat is currently used in 350 schools worldwide.