Toshiba Announces Satellite E45t and E55 Line Of Laptops

Posted Jul 29, 2013

Toshiba has announced a couple new lines of mid-range laptops: the 14-inch Satellite E45t Ultrabook and the 15-inch E55.  These new mid-range laptops look similar to the Kirabook laptops.  The new mid-range laptops are made out of aluminum rather than pressed magnesium.

The screen resolution of the laptops are 1366 x 768.  They support 802.11ac WiFi.

E45t: The E45t will be sold at Best Buy and on Toshiba’s website.  The E45t has a Core i5 Haswell processor, a 500GB hard drive, and is paired with an SSD.  The E45t will have Dragon Assistant built in for simple voice commands.  The E45t is coming on August 4th with a suggested retail price of around $799.

E55: The 15-inch E55 laptop can be customized with either a Core i5 processor and touchscreen (E55t) or a quad-core A6 APU.  There are two AMD models.  One of them has a touchscreen (E55Dt) and the other has a non-touch panel (E55D).  The non-touch version can go up to a full terabyte of storage.  The AMD models do not come with Dragon Assistant though.  This line will be available in September.

The 14-inch model (non-touch) E55D will cost around $580.  The touchscreen E55Dt is going to be priced at $700.