Toshiba Finally Decides To Adopt Blu-ray Format

Posted Jul 19, 2009

Toshiba’s HD DVD is a failed format. HD DVD lost and Blu-ray won the high definition disc wars. HD DVD never caught on with movie studios, retailers, or consumers. Toshiba withdrew the format in February of 2008.

Toshiba has now swallowed its pride and announced that it will start manufacturing Blu-ray players.

Historically, Toshiba has done very well in the DVD player business. Toshiba was considered one of the top brands when it came to DVD players. So there is no way the company would stop producing DVD players. The Blu-ray market is steadily growing and doing very well. It would make little business sense for Toshiba to ignore the numbers and market.

According to Blu-ray Disc Association chairman Andy Parsons, Blu-ray is now main stream. Players can be found for a few hundred dollars at most consumer electronic stores. The format has already achieved a 50 percent market share in Japan.