The Toshiba Smartwatch Can Send Your Alerts, Messages, And Notifications

Posted Jan 30, 2013

When I think of a smartwatch, I immediately think of the Pebble.  The Pebble is a crowd-funded product that is in the form of a smartwatch capable of sending you notifications from your smartphone.  Pebble is not the only company working on a smartwatch.  Toshiba has developed a prototype of a smartwatch that lets you monitor your e-mail, phone calls, and messages.

Toshiba showcased the smartwatch concept watch earlier this month at CES.  The watch has a 1.7-inch color OLED display that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone.  It is also capable of tracking pulses from your wrist to keep a fitness record.  The prototype smartwatch even uses biometrics for security purposes.

The smartwatch has a display of 200 x 320 pixels.  The smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android.  There is an ECG sensor that tracks your heart rate and keeps a record of your fitness.

[Source: SlashGear / Image Credit: BI]