Toshiba Taking Over Fujitsu’s Hard Drive Business By July 1

Posted Apr 30, 2009

As many of you all are aware, Fujitsu will be transferring their hard drive business to Toshiba.  A new division of Toshiba will be created to take over Fujitsu’s business called the Toshiba Storage Device Corporation.  After that, Fujitsu’s manufacturing plants will be called Toshiba Storage Devices Philippines and Toshiba Storage Devices Thailand.  Toshiba Storage Device Yamagata Corporation will then take over Yamagata Fujitsu Limited.

Toshiba Storage Device Corporation will handle the R&D of the hard drives and the Toshiba parent company itself will do all the marketing.  About 80.1% of Toshiba Storage Device Corporation will be owned by the parent company by July 1.  This leaves Fujitsu with 19.9% shre for the time being.  But in December 2010, Toshiba will take over the whole storage device division.

[via SlashGear]