Tough Searches? Quintura Delivers Where Google Doesn’t

Posted Oct 30, 2007

“Google reaps about 60 percent of its outsize revenues and more than 80 percent of its profits from ads on that page, according to analysts’ estimates. That means the company’s success continues to hinge on the dominance of its simple search. There are no guarantees that its dominance will last.”
-David H. Freeman, Newsweek

Tui Stark, a photography stylist recently attempted to search for “snorkeling beaches blue water,” but searching for those keywords on Google turned out to be futile.  Results that Google found included web sites about real-estate companies, rafting apparel, and listings for scuba diving, slightly irrelevant from the searches keywords. [Source: NewsWeek]. 

In my opinion, is Google overvalued?  For the amount that their stock is trading today and how much their company is appealing competition to enter the market, they’re not too far away from becoming the next Yahoo! by becoming overshadowed by the next big thing.  And one of the most valiant efforts made by a company to take on Google today is Quintura. 

Quintura has stayed consistent in pushing their tag searching technology and have never strayed from it.  Quintura has a kid-friendly search engine that filters out inappropriate content and most recently added a Halloween themed search homepage:

I challenge Pulse 2.0 readers to test out Quintura and leave any feedback for the company.  I believe that users will find that the only problem that they have is that Quintura is not like Google.  Keep an open-mind because I’m sure Quintura is here to stay.  The company is backed by Mangrove Capital Partners.