Toyota Motor Corp (7203) is recalling 1.9 million Prius vehicles

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Toyota Motor Corp (TYO:7203) is going to recall 1.9 million Prius vehicles this week because of a software glitch that could cause the vehicle to stop while driving. There were no accidents reported due to the issue.

In most of these cases, the issue could set off the Prius’ warning lights and could “probably” cause the car to enter a failsafe mode. This means that the car would slow down and eventually stop.

This recall covers 997,000 cars in Japan and 713,000 cars in North America. The other vehicles are likely in Europe, China, and the Middle East. In total, 3.6 million Prius vehicles were recalled since the vehicle debuted in 1997.

[Source: Mashable]