TrackVia is a DIY platform that can build an app in a few clicks

Posted Feb 4, 2014

TrackVia is a do-it-yourself application platform for business users to allow people to quickly build custom applications to run departments or an entire business without a knowledge of programming. TrackVia lets users build applications in a few clicks in a few days rather than months. The applications that are built with TrackVia are tailored to business needs at a fraction of the cost of enterprise apps. There are over 1,500 people that try TrackVia every month. The company currently services over 2,500 customers in over 15 countries.

Signing up for TrackVia
There is a free trial available for users when they first sign up for TrackVia. The potential customer is asked what type of application that they want to build. The feature base is flexible and permissions can be set for the app.

Interview with CEO Pete Khanna
When I spoke with TrackVia CEO Pete Khanna, he told me that the company started in 2006 as an online database. He said that the idea for the company came from customers not wanting generic customer relationship management software. Generally companies start by building on application. Over time, customers keep building more applications. Trackvia’s customers range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Khanna told me that he used to work for a company called MX Logic as the president and COO. MX Logic is a cloud-based e-mail company that focused on anti-spam solutions in the cloud. While working at MX, he said that he learned how to scale a company. MX Logic had over 50,000 customers and 5 million users while he was in upper management at the company. McAfee ended up acquiring MX Logic for $140 million in August 2009.

Employee Satisfaction
Khanna told me that the company has a fantastic work-life balance. TrackVia regularly surveys employees to determine workplace satisfaction. The company subsidizes gym memberships and EcoPass transportation in Denver. TrackVia also buys lunch for and hosts town-hall meetings on Fridays to learn about employee challenges.

TrackVia Customers
TrackVia counts NBC Universal, The North Face, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, and Navistar as clients. The North Face used TrackVia to build product lifecycle management application for their garments that would handle tasks related to development, manufacturing, and testing. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center used TrackVia for building a rehab scheduling application.

TrackVia also has a “personal passion scholarship.” This means that TrackVia will offer a “scholarship” for a hobby that an employee is passionate about that is outside of the office. It could be beer-making, skiing, or a certain charity. TrackVia offers $500 towards that scholarship.