Suing Google For Abusing Market Dominance

Posted Feb 18, 2009 is suing Google in a claim that the search engine company is using market dominance to squash competition.  Rick Rule works for TradeComet’s law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.  Rule claims that and “had a thriving business before Google decided to eliminate them as a competitor…We believe this complaint has strong merit and represents a serious antitrust violation.”

Rule also represented Microsoft during antitrust cases with the U.S. government.  Rule’s firm also represented Microsoft on the failed bid for Yahoo!

TradeComet stated that they filed the lawsuit “when Google refused to stop engaging in predatory conduct to block search traffic by imposing massive, unjustified price increases. Google’s anti-competitive conduct eliminated TradeComet as a competitor.”

A company whose law firm represented Microsoft is behind the prosecution of Google.  Coincidence?

[via CNET]