Traxo Buys GoMiles

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Traxo is an online travel organization and social travel tools company that has announced the acquisition of GoMiles, a frequent flyer management services company.  GoMiles is being integrated into the Traxo platform.  GoMiles users now have instant access to Traxo’s extensive trip organization and frequent flyer mileage protection tools.

?We are excited about integrating the unique capabilities of GoMiles into Traxo, and are committed to serving GoMiles users with the high level of service that they have come to expect,? stated Traxo CEO Andres Fabris.

?We know this is an opportunity to deliver even greater value to GoMiles users? added Michael Komarnitsky, the CEO of GoMiles.  ?Traxo?s trip-organization capabilities are unmatched in the industry, and GoMiles users will be able to leverage these features to take more control of their trips and their frequent flyer miles.?