TripAdvisor Acquires Real-Time Travel Mobile Information Company GateGuru

Posted Jun 20, 2013

TripAdvisor, one of the largest travel websites in the world, has acquired GateGuru.  GateGuru is a mobile application that offers real-time information about flights, airports (security wait times), car rental prices, and the weather.  A lot of the data is crowd-sourced.  The terms of this acquisition was undisclosed.

TripAdvisor was mostly interested in the GateGuru product and sees around 200 million monthly active users.  GateGuru is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

“Flying is often an essential part of a trip and we have continually developed our suite of flights products, from the pricing and availability search on TripAdvisor, to our award-winning, with seat maps and more” stated TripAdvisor CEO and co-founder Steve Kaufer.  “GateGuru nicely complements our existing flights products and we look forward to working with the GateGuru team as they continue to manage the GateGuru app and add great functionality to the TripAdvisor mobile experience.”

This past December, TripAdvisor raised around $300 million from Liberty Media.  TripAdvisor also acquired Jetsetter, Wanderfly, and Tiny Post between October 2012 and April 2013.  The GateGuru team is going to report to Bryan Saltzburg, the GM of New Initiatives and leader of TripAdvisor Flights.

GateGuru raised a total of about $800,000 from Chamath Palihapitiya, Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund, and Tom Glocer.  GateGuru founder Dan Gellert used to work at Time Warner Investments and JPMorgan.