Trov Raises Series B Funding

Posted Jul 30, 2013

is a company that creates applications that help people collect form the information about everything they own.  Data is stored in a private digital locker where it is organized and is securely accessible.  It can also be selectively shared.  Trov users receive benefits from the company’s partners including luxury retailers, financial services, auction houses, appraisers, insurers, etc.

Trov has announced today that they have raised Series B funding.  This round brings Trov total capitalization of $6.8 million.  Trov will be using the funding to expand their engineering team and their Member Benefits program.

In Trov’s first year, the company saw around 238,000 unique assets added with total replacement of greater than $1.2 billion.

“The information about what people own is laden with unrealized value, and Trov is creating new opportunities for our members to liberate that value,” stated Trov founder and CEO Scott Walchek. “This funding will help us raise market awareness and expand our engineering efforts so that we can make it easier for people to collect and benefit from the information in their Trov.”