TruFocals Make You Look Nerdy, But Gives You Super-Vision

Posted Aug 13, 2009

Stephen Kurtin’s invention, the TruFocals are a pair of eyeglasses that lets you choose the perfect focus for every distance from near or far.  On the bridge of the glasses is a small slider that adjusts the focus of the glasses.  Each lens on the glasses actually has two lenses on them.  One is flexible and the other is firm.

The flexible lens that is closer to the eye is a transparent membrane attached to a surface.  The pocket between the two lenses has a small amount of crystal clear fluid.  Once the slider is moved on the bridge, the fluid is pushed and this alters the shape of the flexible lens.

The retail price of the TruFocals are about $895.  Having Lasik done would cost about $1,000-$2,000 more than the cost of TruFocals.

[via CNET/Engadget]