Tryvann Winter Park Billboard Snows When Its Texted

Posted Mar 30, 2009

The Tryvann Winter Park is a ski resort that is located in Norway.  Its about 15 minutes from Oslo.  There is a common misperception with the ski resort that when the weather in the city is calm, then the slopes may not be skiable.  However, the resort is located 500 meters above sea level so it could be raining in Oslo, but snowing in Tryvann.

To solve this problem, Tryvann asked their marketing agency TBWA/Oslo for a way to clear up this misconception. “That led to a simple but seemingly impossible idea. If we can?t take the people to the mountain, let?s take the mountain to the people,” stated Erik Heisholt, the creative director of TBWA/Oslo.

The agency decided to place several ads in the shelters of buses.  The ad would have a panel mounted on the sides so that people walking around the bus stand would see them too.  If it was snowing at the ski resort, the ad panels would display snow falling on the screen.  Inside each of the ads were electrical fans that create fake snow when turned on.  The switching device could be turned on with a text message from a cell phone.  Another text message could turn them off.

JCDecaux, a French outdoor company created the technology for the ads.  The ad campaign worked well for Tryvann because they saw an increase of visitors after the advertisements went up.

[via MediaLifeMag]