Tumblr Founder David Karp Buying A $1.6 Million Loft

Posted Jan 2, 2013

David Karp is the 26-year-old founder of the blogging platform Tumblr.  On paper, Tumblr is worth around $800 million.  At around 25% equity, Karp is worth over $200 million.  However Karp is known for living with very few possessions.  Karp has decided to spend $1.6 million to buy a 1,700 sq. ft. loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Karp is not planning on putting much in his loft.  For example, he currently has a nearly empty bedroom with a closet that is only half full.  His living room only has a TV and a sofa.  Karp also does not have any books.  “I don?t have any books. I don?t have many clothes,? stated Karp in an interview with Forbes. ?I?m always so surprised when people fill their homes up with stuff.?

Karp considers himself as a minimalist and he wants to be mobile.  Tumblr’s first employee Marco Arment said “He owns, like, three items. He?s always looking for ways he can get rid of something.?  Tumblr’s revenues for 2012 is believed to be $13 million.  He is hoping to bring in $100 million in the coming year.