Tumblr Launches Tumblupon Toolbar

Posted Aug 8, 2009

Tumblr is a blogging service that is similar to Xanga, but encourages shorter posts.  The service has grown so large that, they had to deal with 255 million pageviews this past July.

The company also had 50 million unique visitors, 650,000 posts per day added, 5,000 new users signing up everyday, and 1.5 reblogged posts added per second.  Tumblr rivals another service called Posterous.  However Tumblr is getting larger traffic numbers than Posterous.

Tumblr recently released an iPhone application that has support for audio recording and there is a popularity ranking system called Tumblarity.

Tumblr also recently launched a new feature called Tumblupon which works similarly to social media company StumbleUpon.  StumbleUpon is a web toolbar where users can vote for interesting Tumblr posts.  Based on a users’ “likes,” similar content will be recommend.

[via Mashable]