Turkish Student Boca Kirca Apologizes For Twitter Hack

Posted May 13, 2010

Earlier this week 17-year-old Turkish student Boca Kirca wrote about a bug on Twitter. The bug basically forced any user you specify to follow any other user you specify in a tweet that gets sent out. Twitter had to temporarily disable the follow/unfollow feature to fix the bug.

Boca said he e-mailed the Twitter staff, but did not get an immediate staff. After he published the bug, it caused some chaos that he did not expect to happen.

?Yes, I caused a complication on Twitter but I am not a hacker,? stated Kirca in an interview. ?I just found a bug and sent it to Twitter staff. I [had not] got a reply even after 14 hours I sent that mail, so I thought they didn?t care about this bug.”

?Such an accident led to a big chaos and I didn?t want it to be happen. I want to apologize for all Twitter users, I didn?t intend to harm anyone,” added Kirca.

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