Turntable.fm Fosters Community with Social Music Experience

Posted Jun 30, 2011

Turntable.fm, an invite-only service that lets users DJ for each other and rate the experience, is impressing users and observers alike. Evolver.fm’s most recent report on the site praises the Turntable.fm communities for “crowdsourced crowd control,” with their organization and polite attitudes. The DJ rooms progress in an orderly fashion that keeps everyone pretty happy. The service is still very new and has bugs to work out, but looks like its popularity will only grow.

Users can get invites to Turntable.fm if they have Facebook friends who are already using the service; those without Facebook profiles cannot, currently, use the site. Turntable.fm was founded by Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen of Stickybits, Inc., a digital media-via-barcode company. The music is provided by MediaNet.