TweepsMap Shows Where Your Twitter Followers Are On A Social Media Data Visualization Tool

Posted Nov 23, 2011

TweepsMap is a new service that shows you where your Twitter followers are on a visual and interactive map. This is broken down by country, state, and city. This service can be handy for marketers that are targeting certain demographics. For example, if I am marketing a European GPS device, I would rather have a majority of my followers based in that continent.

?One of the most important aspects of a campaign is to measure location to see where your followers are and if they are engaged or not,? stated TweepsMap founder Samir Al-Battran. ?TweepsMap helps you learn whether you need to adjust your campaign to reach your targeted audience.?

To start using TweepsMap, you will need to authorize their API for your Twitter account. You will be prompted to do so when you visit Once you give the approval, TweepsMap takes under about a minute or so to create a color-coded map of Twitter birds spread across the number of followers in a specific area. The red birds indicate where most of your followers are based. TweepsMap also has created a widget to display statistics about any Twitter account. TweepMaps does not send out any tweets without your approval.

?For individual users, TweepsMap is a fun tool to check out the distribution of their followers and share them on Twitter,? says Al-Battran. ?For larger organizations, the goal of TweepsMap is to help them measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.?

The problem with TweepsMap is that 90% of Twitter users accurately describe where they are based. The remaining 10% do not give accurate locations. Most users only add their country or state rather than their specific citiy. That is why TweepsMap focuses more on the number of followers in a country instead of a city. Currently TweepsMap is seeing about 1,000 daily users.