Tracks Government Tweeps

Posted Mar 1, 2009

Twitter has really become mainstream with celebrities, entrepreneurs, news agencies, etc.  But now the government wants in on the hype.  Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives are all typing away hundreds of messages every day.  They are doing it from their cellphones, office computers, and during meetings. Even House representative  Peter Hoekstra tweeted from Iraq.

In one instance, Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri issued an apology for tweeting during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress.  “Ok ok. Mom’s upset that I was rude at Pres speech re:tweets. For the record I tweeted bfor, at very beginning, & after speech. I wanted to listen.”

McCaskill has written 250 messages since joining in Janaury.  She has over 11,500 followers.  “The best part is being able to directly talk to Missourians about my day without reporters editing!” stated McCaskill.

How do you keep track of all these government officials without having to follow all of them?  There’s a website called that keeps track of all of the representatives and even shows a stream of all of the latest tweets (messages).

[via AFP]