TweetDeck Adds Full Facebook And MySpace Feed

Posted Sep 10, 2009

TweetDeck has launched a new version of the software. Built on Adobe AIR, TweetDeck has added full support for the Facebook news feed and MySpace. TweetDeck v0.30 launched yesterday morning.

Instead of just showing Facebook status updates, TweetDeck now allows you to view the videos your Facebook friends shared, directly comment on status updates, and “Like” feed items. Individual columns in TweetDeck can be created for photos, videos, wall posts, etc. This updates makes me feel like I no longer need to log into Facebook anymore. Just like how TweetDeck made me no longer need to log into directly anymore.

TweetDeck also created a Directory feature that has segregated power Twitter users for different categories. Categories include Travel, Jobs, Tech, Lifestyle, Comedy, Shopping, Environment, Programming, Sports, Writers, Entertainment, Business, and News.

For MySpace friend activities, comments, friend status updates, and moods can be followed. Now if TweetDeck adds LinkedIn, it will almost be completely useful. I stopped being active on MySpace a long time ago.