Tweetdeck Rumored To Be Charging $50,000 For Service Integration

Posted Jun 2, 2009

TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients.  Iain Dodsworth created TweetDeck to make using Twitter much easier.  About a month ago, TweetDeck recently started supporting Facebook status updates.  Other services that are built in to TweetDeck also includes TwitScoop, StockTwits, and 12seconds.

At the end of March, TweetDeck raised $300,000 in funding from Betaworks.  That is a good amount of funding for a company that is a one-man show.  And now that one man has even come up with a revenue model for TweetDeck.

TechCrunch has picked up a rumor that Iain will be charging $50,000 for a service that wants to be added on to TweetDeck.  If he gets 6 companies to pay that amount, his revenue will be able to match his first round of funding.

There are already several link shortening services built in to TweetDeck, but Iain may start charging some of the new link shortening services that would like to be added to the Twitter-supporting software.  The URL shortening services that come pre-installed in TweetDeck as of right now include, digg,, tinyurl,, and twurl.

TweetDeck also recently has created branded versions of TweetDeck including a promo for rock band Blink 182.

[via TechCrunch]