TweetDeck Updates New Version To Support Horizontal Columns

Posted Jul 17, 2012

TweetDeck is a social media management application that is owned by Twitter. TweetDeck has been updated to let you navigate through tweets and handle multiple accounts. The updated version of TweetDeck works for Chrome, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Columns on TweetDeck are now in one horizontal row. There is now an updated menu icon on every tweet that will give you instant access to actions like creating a list, deleting a post, and reporting a user as spam without leaving the main view of TweetDeck.

If you want to move around the columns, hover the mouse above the drag icon on the top right of the column and drop it where you want it.  TweetDeck also added a feature called “View Conversation.”  This lets you see the original tweet and the replies that are going back and forth.  You can download the new version of TweetDeck from  The Mac version of TweetDeck is going to be available in the Mac App Store soon.

Check out the demo video below: