TweetDeck Working On Making Tweets Longer Through Service

Posted Jan 28, 2011

TweetDeck is testing out a new service that would extend beyond Twitter’s 140 character limitation called This is interesting because Twitter has been filling in holes in their services over the last year by creating products which would directly compete with third parties. Now TweetDeck is working filling in a hole that Twitter has in their whole business model.

“From day one [of Tweetdeck], it was one of the things almost everyone was screaming about … I?ve been very protective of the fact that [140 characters] is a platform limitation of the services we sit on top of and we have to have an element of respect for that. Going around that core tenet of Twitter could be a sensitive move. We don?t know how they feel about it. But we are tailoring to an audience that wants functionality the general user of Twitter doesn?t care about,” stated TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth.

All posts will be hosted by TweetDeck. TweetDeck users will simply see the longer tweet. Dodsworth said that TweetDeck is competing with Twitter on a daily basis and they are fighting for users that use the same service.