Tweetdeck’s Newest Version To Have Extra Hashtag Support, StockTwit Integration, and Language Translation

Posted Feb 11, 2009

In my old Twitter account, I tried to focus on adding as many people to follow as possible just like Guy Kawaski, Robert Scoble, and Shel Israel.  But keeping up with thousands of tweets everyday became so overwhelming, I don’t know how they do it.  So I created a new account and focused on following a couple important people that are local from where I’m at to people that have similar interests as me.  Even all of those tweets became overwhelming until I discovered Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck automatically informs you when you have been directly messaged or received a reply.  Now I’m absolutely addicted to Tweetdeck and open it every 5 minutes when I get notified of new tweets.  This is why I’m excited to hear that there is a new version coming out.  I learned about it from Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb.

Below are a few bullet points about the new features:
StockTwits integration – StockTwits is a startup that reports when Twitter users are talking about certain stocks.
On-the-fly Language Translation – When right-clicking on certain text in a different language, there will be an option to translate it in English.  This is great for those who have international Twitter buddies.
Hashtag support – There will be a drop down menu available in the message compose window that allows one-click links to 10 of your most recent hashtags.  This way you can remain active in topics that you have the most interest in.
User Search – This was definetely needed.  A new column will be available if you want to search for usernames.
One Column View – Takes all of your columns and consolidates it in one.

What I would like to see in future versions of TweetDeck:
– Facebook status support: Whenever I update on Twitter, it automatically updates my Facebook status with the same message.  But in order to find out whether my Facebook friends replied to that status, I have to log in to my GMail to find out.  TweetDeck should automatically connect with Facebook to send over any replies or send me a notification if any of my Facebook friends update their status.

What about AlertThingy?  AlertThingy is a TweetDeck competitor that provides the Facebook status and Twitter updates in two different columns already.  But here’s the thing…  It does not work well for me.  The interface isn’t as good as TweetDeck’s interface.  AlertThingy is no competition for TweetDeck.

If you are interested in conversing with me about this further, ping me @amitchowdhry on Twitter.