Tweetmeme Founder Announces Datasift, A Developer Tool For Advancing Twitter Search

Posted Aug 17, 2010

Tweetmeme has been on a roll lately. Not only have they partnered with Twitter this month on a new Twitter retweet button, but they have also announced a new search engine product called Datasift.

Datasift is essentially a programming language that can help users with complex searches. An example that TheNextWeb gave was the ability to find “people in New York with over 200 followers who have mentioned Barack Obama in a positive way with no swearing in the past day.”

Datasift is not intended for common Twitter users. Instead it is for developers of Twitter-centric software to build advanced search tools. This would be beneficial to Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic, etc.

Twitter has provided a lot of support to Tweetmeme on this new product. Datasift will make money by offering free streams with built-in ads and paid streams where developers for content volume.