Tweetro+ Releases Windows 8 App For $9.99

Posted Dec 4, 2012

Tweetro is a third party Twitter application that lets you see your profile, read your timeline, and check out photos.  The Tweetro app for Windows 8 had been removed from the Windows Store because they allocated 100,000 licenses from Twitter.  Twitter caps developers at 100,000 licenses for developers.  This is why Tweetro’s developer Lazyworm Applications is now charging $9.99 for the app.

A new and paid version of Tweetro is now available for download in the Windows Store now.  Tweetro+ has a price of $9.99.  People that have already downloaded the previous version of Tweetro will have to pay the full price of Tweetro+ to continue using the app.

Tweetro+ has great features like multiple account support and the ability to place multiple tweet columns on the main dashboard.  Most likely when Tweetro+ reaches the 100,000 limit, Lazyworm Applications may have to remove the client from the Windows Store again.  Twitter will be launching their own Windows 8 client soon too.