TweetUp Acquires Twitter Android Client Twidroid and News Aggregator Popurls

Posted Jul 6, 2010

TweetUp, a service that focuses on advertising and searching Twitter, has made two acquisitions. TweetUp bought Twitter Android client Twidroid. TweetUp acquired news aggregator service popurls.

TweetUp will rename Twidroid to Twidroyd to avoid any legal issues from Lucas Films, who owns the trademark “Droid.” Idealab, the company behind TweetUp will use popurls to provide a distribution network to determine who the best tweeters are.

Twidroid and popurls were created by a Austin, Texas based company called tomatic, which was founded by Thomas Marban. The TweetUp CEO is Bill Gross, who also founded a company called Overture — which was sold to Yahoo! for $1.6 billion.