Twenty Percent Of Zynga’s Traffic Handled By Amazon

Posted May 9, 2012

Before Zynga launched FarmVille in 2009, they did not have much trouble dealing with servers. When the game really gained popularity on Facebook, the company had a hard time maintaining their servers. “We couldn?t get power fast enough. We couldn?t get servers fast enough. We just couldn?t scale our infrastructure to match the needs of FarmVille,” stated Zynga CTO of infrastructure Allan Leinwand in an interview with Ars Technica. Zynga became dependent on Amazon’s cloud services to keep things running smoothly, but eventually they had to build their own data centers to have more control of their infrastructure. Zynga’s own data centers now handle 80% of their gamers and the remaining 20% is run by Amazon. Zynga would not have been able to scale without Amazon’s help like when Alec Baldwin revealed that he was addicted to “Words With Friends.”