A Digg and Twitter Mash-Up Service

Posted Sep 7, 2008

Digg and Twitter are two of the most popular Web 2.0 companies today. Users are just as obsessively Digging stories as they are Tweeting. Wouldn’t it be great if both of these services can be integrated with one another? Twiggit solves that problem.

Every time you submit a story or Digg a story or submit a story on, Twiggit will automatically inform your Twitter followers and update your status. Although there isn’t any information about the founder of Twiggit on their homepage, you can follow the founder on Twitter.

There are so many forms of social media today that it becomes cumbersome for the end user. Now whenever I update Twitter, I make sure that my Facebook status is updated with the same information automatically. Whenever I digg stories or submit stories, my Friendfeed application picks it up and reports it on Facebook. Any form of social media integration that makes it easier on the user makes a great service.

I heard about this startup from KillerStartups.