TwitPic Founder Noah Everett Starts A Twitter Competitor Called Heello

Posted Aug 13, 2011

TwitPic founder Noah Everett launched a new website called Heello. Heello is similar to Twitter in a way where you create an @ username, share what you are doing in a status called Pings (140 character maximum), and the ability to attach a video/geolocation/photo.

Heello has an auto-updated stream of Pings appear, unlike Twitter that requires you to press “More” to see new tweets. Users can send @ replies to you and you can “echo” (known as retweet on Twitter) a Ping. You can also send private messages to individuals and group members.

Clearly Everett is not too thrilled with Twitter since they launched their own TwitPic competitor recently. This is Everett’s retaliation. It’ll be a David vs. Goliath sized challenge for him though and I wish him luck.