Twitter: 350B Tweets Since Being Founded, 1B Tweets Every 2 Days

Posted Oct 26, 2013

I took a few minutes today to watch the Twitter road show video and learned a few facts from the company.  Cumulative, there have been over 350 billion tweets sent since it’s creation, said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in the video. (Note: Interestingly, Twitter Engineering wrote a tweet in July 2011 that said “Delivering 350 billion Tweets a day is a terribly fun engineering challenge. But, it doesn’t capture how passionate our users are.”)

It took over 3 years and 2 months to hit the first one billion tweets.  Now Twitter users send over a billion tweets every 2 days.  Twitter has over 230 million monthly active users (MAUs) and 77% of the average MAUs are international.  Around 76% of the users primarily access  Twitter on mobile devices.

What makes Twitter unique?  They are the only public, real-time, distributed, and conversational platform that is at scale.  When people want to broadcast something as broadly as possible, they come to Twitter.  In terms of being a real-time platform, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pointed out the Hudson River incident.  In terms of being a conversational platform, Costolo pointed out that brands and customers can communicate with each other.    Twitter is distributed through the mobile ecosystem and third party platforms.

“We empower our users to do something that is not possible on any other platform,” said Costolo in the road show video.  “We are the premiere platform for public self-expression.”

Costolo said that around 71% of the advertising revenue is generated from mobile devices.

Twitter CFO Mike Gupta said that for the 9 months ended September 2013, “we generated $422 million in revenue, more than double what we generated in the same period in the prior year.”  Advertising accounted for 89% and the remaining 11% was data licensing.