Twitter Acquires Crashlytics

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Microblogging company Twitter has acquired Crashlytics, a startup that tracks when bad code causes an application to fail.  Apparently Twitter will be allowing Crashlytics to operate independently and will not be shutting it down.  Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Crashlytics team will be remaining in place instead of moving to Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

Some of Crashlytics’s customers include Yelp and Waze.  Twitter also uses Crashlytics in their own mobile application and the Vine mobile application.  Vine is Twitter’s video recording mobile application. 

Twitter typically does not allow the companies that they acquire to run independently.  For example, Twitter acquired Summize and turned it into the Twitter search engine.  The company also acquired Tweetie and turned it into the Twitter mobile application.  Twitter also attempted to buy out Instagram, but Facebook beat them to the punch.


[Source: BusinessInsider]