Twitter Adds Security Layer For Protecting User Data

Posted Nov 23, 2013

Twitter has announced on Friday that they have added another layer of security measures for their users, which should protect user data against future compromises on Twitter’s servers.  This feature is called “forward secrecy.”  It is also used by other Internet companies like Facebook, Google, and Mozilla.

Twitter will be using temporary and individual keys for encrypting each web session instead of using a single master key.  This means that an outside organization can’t use the same key to decrypt previous messages.

Adding this extra layer of security will add some lag time when connect to Twitter in the U.S., but the delay time will be worth it.  The lag time is only 150 milliseconds.  This year, Edward Snowden leaked information that the National Security Agency spied on technology companies.  Because of this, Google, Facebook, and other Internet companies said that they are adding layer of security for protecting user data.

[Source: Twitter Blog]