Twitter As A Mumbai Tragedy News Source

Posted Nov 28, 2008

The tragedy that took the lives of about 150 people in Mumbai, India is the second time I’ve heard of a time where terrorists planned such a sophisticated act of destruction, the first being 9/11.  Terrorists coordinated a series of 10 attacks in India’s largest city.  The attacks have lasted 3 days thus far.  The locations of the attacks includes the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station, two five-star hotels, the Oberoi Trident, Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Café, a restaurant in Colaba, the Cama Hospital, the Orthodox Jewish-owned Nariman House, Metro Adlabs movie theater, and police headquarters.

Throughout the news coverage investigations of this event, users on Twitter have been anxiously tweeting away what they have heard using the symbol: #mumbai.  This makes it easy for users to search the most recent events on Twitter Search.

Anytime a major event occurs in the world, Twitter is one of the first social media sites to break the news.  I’ve seen people report an earthquake in California before any other major news agency.

Twitter plays an important role in globalization.  I did not really get it before, but now I do.  “This is where social media grows up,” wrote ZDNet’s Jennifer Leggio.