Twitter Building A Custom Data Center In Salt Lake City

Posted Jul 22, 2010

As Twitter is growing in popularity, the struggle to keep the website online is increasing. This was especially a challenge during the World Cup. About 300,000 new accounts are being created per day. In order to scale their website demand, Twitter plans to open a custom built server warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

?Having dedicated data centers will give us more capacity to accommodate this growth in users and activity on Twitter,? stated Jean-Paul Cozzatti on the Twitter Engineering Blog.

?Twitter will have full control over network and systems configuration, with a much larger footprint in a building designed specifically around our unique power and cooling needs. The data center will house a mixed-vendor environment for servers running open source OS and applications,? added Cozzatti.

As of right now Twitter is using data centers built by NTT America in the Bay Area of California. Twitter will continue to work with NTT. Facebook,, and Google have massive data centers in Oregon and Apple recently announced a new data center being built in North Carolina.