Twitter Buys Scalable Computing Company Ubalo

Posted May 9, 2013

Twitter has bought a scalable computing company named Ubalo.  Ubalo makes large-scale computing easier and more accessible for a technical audience.  Ubalo worked with a number of partners and customers before getting acquired by Twitter.  The terms of the acquisition was undisclosed.

“When we met the infrastructure folks at Twitter, we realized that it?s a company with brilliant people, strong momentum, exciting challenges and a promising future. We quickly became enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with them and the impact we could have there,” wrote Ubalo founders Jacob Mattingley and Ian Downes on

Ubalo’s GitHub account shows that the company was active in creating Ruby-based programs for distributing virtualized development environments along with creating and modifying virtual machines in VirtualBox.

Ubalo worked closely with Twitter before the acquisition also.  They helped with the rapid natural language processing for Twitter search results. They also performed sentimental analysts on 25,000 tweets in parallel in 19.6 seconds.

Before starting Ubalo, both Jacob Mattingley and Ian Downes attended Stanford University.  The two also worked at Apple in the past. Mattingley and Downes both updated their LinkedIn profile to say that are now at Twitter.  Mattingley is going to work on cloud infrastructure and Downes is a Senior Engineer there.