Twitter Buys Social Feed Company Summify

Posted Jan 19, 2012

Twitter has acquired Summify, a social feed summary company that recently surpassed 2 billion aggregated stories. ?You?ve probably noticed we?ve been quiet lately,? stated the company on their blog. ?Well, we?re extremely excited to announce that Summify has been acquired by Twitter! I know, right? We can hardly believe it ourselves!?

The Summify team moved from Romania to Vancouver two years ago after being accepted to the Bootup Labs incubator. Summify said that their long-term vision was to connect people to news that is the most relevant and efficient to them. Joining Twitter made sense since hundreds of millions of people are consumer Twitter, making it the best platform to execute their vision on a global scale.

Summify will be ending new account registrations and will be removing new features going forward. The team will be moving to San Francisco and will be working out of the Twitter office as part of the Growth team.

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