Twitter Goes Down Because Of “Cascading Bug”

Posted Jun 22, 2012

Yesterday Twitter went down for a couple of hours last night and Twitter said that the cause of the down-time was because of a “cascading bug.” Some people are blaming the down-time because of hackers, but Twitter VP of engineering Mazen Rawashdeh said that there was no hacking involved.

“At approximately 9:00am PDT, we discovered that Twitter was inaccessible for all web users, and mobile clients were not showing new Tweets,” said Rawashdeh. “We immediately began to investigate the issue and found that there was a cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components. This wasn’t due to a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today.”

Rawashdeh said that “one of the characteristics of such a bug is that it can have a significant impact on all users, worldwide, which was the case today. As soon as we discovered it, we took corrective actions, which included rolling back to a previous stable version of Twitter.”