Twitter CEO Dick Costolo To Make Around $10M From $25K Investment Through IPO

Posted Sep 17, 2013

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a very smart investment in the company he leads early-on before he became CEO.  When Twitter was launching back in 2007, co-founder Evan Williams called up some investors.  Dick Costolo was on that list and he put in $25,000.  Costolo and Williams are both known for selling companies to Google.  Williams sold Blogger and Costolo sold FeedBurner to Google.

Williams e-mailed Costolo asking if he would consider investing either $25,000 or $100,000.  Costolo wrote back saying “I’m on the 25k bus” three minutes later, according to BusinessInsider.

This $25,000 investment will be worth over $10 million, reports the New York Times. This is a 400x return.  Costolo will also make a lot more money on top of that when the company goes public.

Investors like Chris Sacca, Union Square Ventures, and Spark Capital will make over $1 billion from their early investments.