Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Says A New Metric Is Coming, Follower Count Becoming Less Relevant

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Evan Williams, a co-founder at Twitter, was attending the Buzzfeed Branch roundtable and he has hinted at the company’s interest in creating an influencer metric.  Even though you may have a million followers on Twitter, it may not necessarily mean that you are an influencer.

Williams said that the new feature is being tested as “the dream metric.”  The dream metric refers to “how many people saw you tweet.”  There is a lot of spam-bots that follow people on Twitter so this metric would focus on “real people.”

Williams said that retweets are a more effective metric to “capture your distribution.”  Twitter recently got rid of the button that says 50+ retweets and replaced it with an exact count.

Williams said that since Twitter changed their API restrictions, they now have a better sense of who is using the website and how they are interacting.  They now have greater control of their data.