Twitter Launches Custom Timelines, Challenging Storify

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Twitter went public about a week ago and their newest feature since then is called “Custom Timelines.”  This feature allows users to create a curation of tweets based on a story about a topic such as what Storify already does.  The Custom Timelines are currently only available through TweetDeck and requires hand-curating.  Automated Custom Timelines requires custom APIs. 

Storify’s CEO Burt Herman has embraced Twitter’s Custom Timelines, despite the similar features that it has.  Burt said: ?We are exploring how we can incorporate the Custom Timelines into Storify, which lets you collect media from all social networks and anywhere online, along with adding your own text to provide context for stories.?

Below is an example of a Custom Timeline created by Carson Daly:

[Source: AllThingsD]