Twitter Discover Tab Now Lets You Find Stories Your Friends Are Sharing

Posted May 1, 2012

The Twitter Discover tab now makes it easier for you to discover information that is interesting to you without having to follow additional accounts. The Discover tab will now show content that includes tweets popular among the people you follow and people that they follow. The Discover tab’s new design shows who tweeted about specific stories. You can click on “View Tweets” on any post to see popular tweets in your network. You can reply/retweet/favorite these tweets.

“Over the coming weeks, we?ll be rolling out this redesigned and more personalized Discover experience on, iPhone and Android. This update is part of our ongoing development of Discover; we will continue to work to make discovery on Twitter a magical experience that brings you instantly closer to the information that matters most to you at the right time, any time,” wrote Twitter VP of Product Satya Patel.